Rhizomik CopyrightLY

Decentralised Copyright Management for Social Media 

CopyrightLY is a decentralised application that leverages blockchain and semantic web technologies to facilitate copyright management of social media. It is integrated into existing social media platforms and allows content creators to explore ways to exploit their media beyond those made possible by those platforms. It also provides potential reusers ways of checking authorship of the content they are willing to reuse and the conditions under which it is available.

To do so, content on social media platforms is linked by creators to on-chain authorship claims tied to their identities. Additional evidence can be provided combining off-chain data and on-chain transactions to sustain those claims. Thus, they can be used in case of a copyright complaint, even as evidence in court. This approach also discourages false claims, which cannot be retracted once on-chain.

Authorship claims are accompanied by default reuse conditions modelled using semantic technologies and based on a copyright ontology. They provide the necessary and unambiguous building blocks that also make the terms machine-actionable. Reusers can negotiate these terms and, after acceptance, on-chain transactions are generated to keep track of the agreed terms.


Supported by project ONTOCHAIN, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 957338

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