Beingas explaineda group of university research in a particular area, by naturall arose the first approach to identify itThis was the Research Group on People-Computer Interactionbut its acronym GRIPO (in Catalan) didn't sound good and was rejected. So moved by the Research Group on Human-Computer Interaction with the current acronymGRIHO.

Later, around 2001-02with the inclusion of members comming from databases field, the group name changed to current Human-Computer Interaction and Data Base 
Research Groupthoughgiven that the name "GRIHOwas already known in their field, we decided to keep it.

In 2005 the Government of Catalonia officially launched an action to catalog and organize according to their worth all the research groups of the Catalan 
spectrum. Coinciding in timenew members join the group expanded to more areas of interest groupThus, the group proposes a new name update:
the term "DataBase" is changed to "Data Integration", it better reflects the spirit of the new additions.
Being, thereforethe current name of the Human-Computer Interaction and Data Integration

Research Groupalthough the name remains GRIHO forever.

  • 1991, the foundation !!!, by Phd: Jesús Lorés
  • Since 1994, GRIHO is actively involved in technology transfer projects with Spanish companies.

  • In 2004, organizer of 5th edition of INTERACCIÓN, the annual HCI conference.

  • In 2007, GRIHO was member of TECNIO, the ACC1Ó tecnology transfer network.

  • In the academic course 2007-08 we started the first Human-Computer Interaction Master en Spanish language.