GRIHO participates again in the 2024 edition of the minor Global Acting in ICT

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The Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida has been participating for a few years in the international minor Global Acting in ICT, a 30 ECTS degree led by the University of Fontys (Netherlands) and carried out by 5 different universities, 4 European (Belgium, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands) and one South African.

The minor has two virtual components, one at the beginning and one at the end, among which students take five face-to-face modules of 6 ECTS each. Each module is carried out intensively at a university other than the countries listed above, which forces students to travel every three weeks from one country to another to take the corresponding face-to-face module.

GRIHO members Rosa Gil and Toni Granollers teach the UX Design module (shared with the User Centred Design subject of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering)