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El artículo "At the Intersection of Digital Games, Gender, and Age: a participant observational study with active older women", liderado por Sergio Sayago, miembro de GRIHO e investigador y docente de la EPS en su Campus Igualada-UdL, ha sido aceptado en el prestigioso congreso internacional ACM CHI PLAY 2020.

"CHI PLAY is the international and interdisciplinary conference (by ACM SIGCHI) for researchers and professionals across all areas of play, games and human-computer interaction (HCI). We call this area “player-computer interaction.”
The goal of CHI PLAY is to highlight and foster discussion of current high quality research in games and HCI as foundation for the future of digital play. To this end, the conference features streams that blend academic research papers, masterclasses, interactive play demos, student game design competition, poster session and industry insights."

Sobre el artículo:

"This   paper   presents work   in   progress that informs a  current understanding  of  intersectional  themes  (age,  gender,  and digital games)   that   are   important,   but   under-studied,   in the player-computer interactioncommunity. This paperdraws on a 4-month participant  observational  study  of  game  play  and  interest  among active  older  women  (aged  63-83, N=14). The  results  show  how gender  and  age  shape digital game  interest  and  play  among  the participants. For them, being an older woman now means keeping up   with   the   times,   being   active   and   helping   others.   They disregarded digital games that clashed with this identity. When the digital games  projected  it,  their  play  was  fun  and  productive, recommending the games  to  others.Current  and  future  work research activities are outlined"

La versión aceptada del artículo puede leerse en el blog académico de Sergio Sayago. Más adelante se podrá leer la versión definitiva publicada en ACM DL.