Rosa María

My name is Rosa Gil. I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1972. I'm an associate professor at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Universitat de Lleida.
My BD is Physics (Universitat de Barcelona) and my PhD Thesis is related to Computer Science (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).

Experience in enterprise.

  • I worked as a webmaster in Greens-HONDA for two years
  • I have visited and worked for: one month in Trieste (Italy) in non-linear dynamics
  • ICTP-Trieste three months in Brest (France) in ad-hoc applications
  • Telecom Bretagne two months in Rome (Italy) in ontologies
  • CNR-Rome two monts in Galway (Ireland) in Semantic Data Mining DERI-Galway More concretely
I'm conducing my research at the GRIHO Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research group.

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