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Founder of GRIHO

Some time ago (actually not too much), at the beginnings of the Internet and search engines era, if one searched for the term "usability" in Spanish (so fashionable nowadays), the result returned only the name of a professor from the University of Lleida called Jesús Lorés and its emerging related work.

Jesús was an enthusiast. An enthusiast of computing (he manufactured a micro-computer before the first PC arrived to our hands), an enthusiast of ecology, an enthusiast of sustainable development, but mainly, a fan of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) discipline. From him (who worked with him) we learned that the most important component and, surprisingly, the most forgotten of many concepts related with computers is not technology itself but the people who use it, need to use or just wish to use.

His concern was not to develop the most ever developped and efficient algorithm or to have the newest versions of all software and hardware available. His main interest was to enable all people (regardless of their skills, knowledge or disability) using any device or interactive system. So he created and promoted at local level the GRIHO group, research group at the University of Lleida dedicated to researching issues related to the interaction between people and computers. He was also founder, along with a small group of enthusiasts, like him, from some Spanish universities, the Human-Computer Interaction Association (AIPO from Asociación Interacción Persona-Ordenador in spanish) who conducted and presided until his death in November 06.

Jesus was aware that what he was doing was important and did well, though it won't yeld himself with high index level in the JCR! (which so concerned we have all of us).

He continued faithful to his ideas, illusions and utopias to have a more humane world.

 Jesús Lóres Vidal

 Jesús Lóres Vidal